ARCH Program

About ARCH

The Advanced Research and Creativity in Honors (ARCH) program provides opportunities to Honors College students to engage in supervised research and creative projects in any subject field under the supervision of FIU faculty experts.

  • Students register for IDH 4905 and take a series of online workshops on research methods while conducting their research. ARCH can be taken for zero credit or for 6 credits to satisfy Honors requirements.
  • ARCH research can be done independently or as the capstone project in selected majors. Participants write a thesis or comparable research report. If the department does not have a thesis, capstone, or senior project option, Honors requirements apply.
  • Participants present their research at the annual Undergraduate Research Conference at FIU (CURFIU).
  • Students who want to participate in ARCH (with or without credit) must meet with Undergraduate Research Coordinator Allen Varela or Associate Dean J.C. Espinosa before registering for ARCH (IDH 4905), and must submit a completed registration form.