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The 7-year (3+4) BS/MD program is designed for outstanding high school students (U.S. citizen or permanent resident) interested in attending medical school at Florida International University.

The program is a collaboration between the College of Arts, Sciences & Education, Honors College and Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine that allows exceptional students to earn both a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Doctor of Medicine in seven years, a shorter amount of time than typically required for both degrees.

Students displaying a strong academic background, demonstrated leadership, community service and health care experiences will have the potential for guaranteed admission to the College of Medicine starting in their fourth year of the program, provided they meet all requirements.

The First Three Years

You will complete the program’s undergraduate portion as a biology major and an Honors College student. Before the fourth year, you must complete all required courses and fulfill all other requirements besides science elective courses (up to 12 credits) that will be taken in your first year at the College of Medicine.

You will apply to the College of Medicine via the American Medical College Application Service in your third year.

The Department of Biological Sciences, Honors College and College of Medicine will be collaborating to oversee your progress in meeting course requirements for your first three years. You will receive advising and course schedule planning each semester from The Honors College. And you will meet regularly with your advisors to ensure yearly milestones of GPA, research and community service are met to continue in the program.

Fourth Year and Beyond

You will complete the fourth year of the program as a first-year medical student at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. And will earn a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences after completing the first year of medical school.

The College of Medicine will oversee the four-year MD curricular component of the program. Students will earn their Doctor of Medicine degree upon completing the MD curriculum.

Contact Us

Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
Barbra A. Roller, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Email: rollerb@fiu.edu

Honors College
Brenda Luna, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Academic Advising
Email: brenluna@fiu.edu

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