Customer Engagement is Digital-First



INSTRUCTOR: Dora Cortinas


SCHEDULE: Every other Saturday, 10:00A-12:30P(Hybrid)

Course Description

Customer experience is now decidedly digital-first. Empowered by choice and increasing control over their personal data, trust is critical, and customers expect flexibility and a thoughtful, personal touch. Therefore, the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Every interaction with a brand is an opportunity for a customer-centric experience that builds trust and long-term brand loyalty. To stay competitive, smart businesses are taking note and making changes to provide exceptional customer experience and are shifting to a more “customer centric” strategy, because the ability to effectively deliver a great customer experience trumps almost everything else. In this course you will learn what it means to be a more customer centric organization, what are the implications, how companies get to know their customers, learn how to create customer personas and customer journeys, the role data plays in creating a great customer experience, and how a Customer Relation Management System enables the customer experience. And because the Salesforce economy is set to create 9.3 million new jobs by 2026 (IDC), you will learn Salesforce skills to help pursue technology, sales, service, and marketing jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem.