The Miami-Israel Impact Lab

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INSTRUCTOR: Andi Wolfer and Aaron Kaplowitz


SCHEDULE: Monday, 12:00PM - 2:30PM

Course Description

The Miami-Israel Impact Lab spotlights Israel's unique cultural commitment to social impact. The Impact Lab will volunteer at three leading non-profit organizations in Miami and analyze each one's operations. Students will gain real-world experience working together as "consultants" and devise actionable plans that bring value to the organizations and innovative solutions to the community. This interdisciplinary course will shine a light on the game-changing social impact technology emerging from Israel that is shaping the planet’s future. We will also learn about the innovations that build more equitable communities, such as utilizing technology to improve the life of a person with a disability or creating opportunities in underserved communities. This course is restricted to six students and requires off-site volunteering opportunities at local non-profits.