Impact: How Israel Creates Technology to Improve the World


INSTRUCTOR: Andi Wolfer and Aaron Kaplowitz


SCHEDULE: Monday, 10:00AM – 12:30PM

Course Description

Israel has become a stable for unicorns – privately held technology companies with valuations of a billion dollars or more. These game-changing start-ups fashion intuitive payroll processing dashboards, fortify banks’ cyber defenses, and serve targeted native ads across the internet – further catapulting their sky-high valuations to another stratosphere. Less flashy, though certainly no less significant, Israel has also become a world-leader in pioneering technology to improve the world. With limited natural resources, Israel’s survival from its inception has depended on creating solutions to urgent challenges. Today, having perfected the craft, Israel delivers that life-saving technology to peoples all over the world. This interdisciplinary course will shine a light on Israel’s cultural commitment to repairing the world and the social impact technology that is shaping the planet’s future. We will also learn about the innovations that build more equitable communities, such as utilizing technology to improve the life of a person with a disability or creating opportunities in underserved communities. The course will include guest experts who will share their insights on ways to improve our communities and planet. Students will also have the opportunity to gain experience working on a social impact project that will enable them to apply lessons from class to bring innovative solutions to the community. Please note that this class could include activity at off-campus sites.