Medical Art History to the Renaissance


INSTRUCTOR: Amilcar Castellano Sanchez


SCHEDULE: Monday, 1:00pm – 3:30pm

Course Description

This course encompasses the study of medical world history as it has occurred through time portrayed in different forms of art, i.e. visual, written, performed in a global perspective thus emphasizing certain areas in this review such as: anatomy, physical diagnosis, different types of illness -with a focus on infectious diseases-; a few specialties such as: obstetrics / gynecology, surgery, and psychiatry amongst others also including selected examples of preventive medicine and therapeutic approaches; all from the perspective of the vast historical registry available to us.

Additionally, this course qualifies as a Global Learning Course (GL) that is discipline specific. During both semesters’ sessions will include faculty and invited speaker lectures, workshops, video and movie screenings, required readings (articles / book / novel (s) for both in class and out of class activities, homework assignments, creative / reflective writing, close reading, engaged listening, visual thinking strategies and other museum-based techniques applied to the study of this material.

Note that this course has been redesigned and as such content and assessments have changed since it was last offered.