Medical Art History to the Renaissance


INSTRUCTOR: Amilcar Castellano Sanchez


SCHEDULE: Monday, 1:00PM – 3:30PM

Course Description

This course encompasses the study of medical world history as it has occurred through time portrayed in different forms of art, i.e. visual, written, performed in a global perspective thus emphasizing certain areas in this review such as: anatomy, physical diagnosis, different types of illness -with a focus on infectious diseases-; a few specialties such as: obstetrics / gynecology, surgery, and psychiatry amongst others also including selected examples of preventive medicine and therapeutic approaches; all from the perspective of the vast historical registry available to us.

Additionally, this course qualifies as a Global Learning Course (GL) that is discipline specific. During both semesters’ sessions will include faculty and invited speaker lectures, workshops, video and movie screenings, required readings (articles / book / novel (s) for both in class and out of class activities, homework assignments, creative / reflective writing, close reading, engaged listening, visual thinking strategies and other museum-based techniques applied to the study of this material.

As of this iteration, course materials will be enhanced and shared through Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). Briefly, your participation in this COIL segment of the course will enhance your intercultural knowledge as you will be working with peers from another country; you will engage in virtual teamwork learning (synchronously and asynchronously) and you will be exploring a variety of thinking mindsets, all the latter building on key competencies for effective global citizenship and employment.

Note that this course has been redesigned and as such content and assessments have changed since it was last offered.