The Bicycle


INSTRUCTOR:Mathew Acevedo



Course Description

The bicycle is the world’s most prevalent method of human transportation, far exceeding the number of cars on the road and having a significant impact on how many people on Earth live, work, and play. This course will be an interdisciplinary study of the bicycle and bicycling, exploring the history of the bicycle, the science and technology of bicycles, socio-political aspects of bicycling, the business and economics of the bike industry, and different cycling traditions (road, mountain, commuting, urban, leisure, etc.).

Students’ experiences will culminate in a final project that prompts them to reflect on their own experiences and perceptions of bicycles; project options for students may include:

— A reflection project following an organized class group ride from downtown Miami to Miami Beach via the Venetian Causeway (students are encouraged to use CitiBikes)
— An urban infrastructure advocacy plan that proposes bike-friendly options to municipal leaders in a location that they research
— An interview with a local bike shop business owner that explores the current trends in cycling, the bike business, and the local bicycle scene.