The Essentials Elements of Interaction




SCHEDULE: Wednesday, 11:00AM – 12:15PM

Course Description

Today more than ever before, we encounter 1,000’s of interactions in a wide variety of formats every hour of the day. How do we begin to successfully navigate through the many potentially disruptive encounters? In the “Elements of Interaction”, we will explore interaction and inner-action from the perspectives of mental, physical, emotional, social, creative and soulful applications.

This course seeks to broaden student’s communication and self-compassion awareness to support a more universal and global educational experience. We will investigate inner-action processes from the disciplines of contemplative tree, mental health and motor learning and psychological anthropology. We will also explore and engage with interaction from perspective of the online, offline, rapport building, professional, intimate; informed by the disciplines of anthropology, health studies, leadership, business, communication and systems approach thinking. We focus on the soft skills that employers demand from today’s work force to provide a competitive edge for students, such as teambuilding, critical thinking, strategic decision-making, empowerment, and of course, strong communication skills, etc.