The Meaning of Media Question


INSTRUCTOR: Jacqueline Nusz


SCHEDULE: Online (Summer A)

Course Description

This course will teach students how to analyze visuals by deconstructing different forms of media. Students will be introduced to media literacy and learn how to break down different forms of media using historical and cultural lenses.

Recognizing that images are not merely the reflection of a time or place but rather an “extension” of a period’s social context in the time in which the visual was produced; students will be asked to examine media from the early 20th century through today to unveil potential social messages. This will include but is not limited to: propaganda posters, political cartoons, magazine covers, advertisements, newsreels, social media, and fashion.

Additionally, the course will drive students to think critically about the objective of media production when there is no explicit written message. They will develop a global perspective through the analysis of international media materials and become globally aware by identifying common threads of media produced in the same time period. Ultimately, this process of inquiry will steer students to reflect on their own position as a consumer of media in the present day.