Things: Earth Art

Earth Art


INSTRUCTOR: Gretchen Scharnagl


SCHEDULE: Monday, Wednesday, 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Course Description

To participate in contemplating contemporary environmental art that reflects current crises.
To examine the role art has played in forming our attitudes and knowledge about our earth and to consider how our attitudes and beliefs have influenced the aesthetics of the objects and imagery we keep and value historically and in popular culture.
To investigate the aesthetic language in the objects and images in art, science, philosophy, literature, religion, in politics and in culture that inform environmental responsible actions.
To practice play, creative activities and experimentation in knowledge gain, synthesis, innovation and dissemination through art and science.

To have a better understanding of art and the innovative practices that seek to change our relationship with planet earth.
To learn to recognize what we are looking at when thinking about the role things and the making of things have played in forming our attitudes and knowledge about our environment.
To be able to form narratives through combined knowledge and in the making of art.
To broaden the skills and possible strategies applicable to cognitive exercises.