Gabriele Fiorentino 

President at Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation



Gabriele Fiorentino was born and raised near Duesseldorf, Germany. After receiving a MBA in Marketing at the University of Miami, she chose Miami as her home and later became a U.S. Citizen. Her business career included Burger King Corporation and the advertising agency Beber, Silverstein and Partners. She and her husband now focus their business interests on the development of a truffle orchard and vineyard in North Carolina. A life-long passion for music has led to Gabriele’s involvement with the Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation where she has been instrumental in expanding the acclaimed program known as Piano Slam that uses music as a platform to enhance learning in the public school system. Earning a pilot’s license and years of blue-water sailing with her family have expanded her appreciation of the world outside our own environment. Gabriele’s love for gardening expanded her commitment to native horticulture and involvement with educational projects.