Maria Parente

Student advisor – Biology major



Maria Parente is a tenacious and highly competent thinker, artist, and scholar currently contributing her talents to the FIU Honors College. Under Dean Dr. Juan Carlos Espinosa’s supervision, she acts as the Communicators Coordinator for the elite undergraduate group known as the Dean’s Scholars, made up of students representing FIU’s highest standard of interdisciplinary learning and creativity. She is also the leader of the HEARTS Writing Club; with a combination of her personal literature knowledge and completely new research, she hosts biweekly sessions on a semesterly theme, also chosen by her, ranging from the artfully languid Heian Era of Japan to the apocalyptic alien invasions of H.G. Wells. Outside of the Honors College, she has been a leading contributor to research under professor Dr. Philip Stoddard on the potential epigenetic consequences of pyrethroid insecticide exposure in the yellow fever mosquito since summer of 2019.