HEARTS Clubs and Activities

HEARTBeats A Cappella

HEARTbeats’ mission is to bring together students of all different backgrounds and interest and give them a space to share their love of music and be able to perform with others. The majority of our members are non-music majors and would otherwise not have an outlet to continue singing while in college. In addition to bringing our members together, HEARTbeats A Cappella also strives to bring the joy of art to the FIU community through our expression of music.

Contact heartbeats.fiuhonors@gmail.com for more information.


Founded in Fall 2015 by Cynthia Piorno and Professor Gretchen Sharnagl, the HEARTS Art Club offers a judgement-free zone where members can express themselves freely through a variety of media. It is currently led by President Cate McGinnis. Lounge with us in the Frost Art Museum as we listen to music and do what we do best: make art!

For club and meeting details, visit our Instagram @fiu_heartsartclub or contact us via email at heartsartclub@gmail.com. You can also contact us through Panther Connect.

The HEARTS Art Club is open to all FIU students. No previous experience is required.

HEARTS Photography Club

The HEARTS photography club takes photo lovers of all skill levels and through different activities, helps them become more skilled photographers. Exploring many topics, the photography club helps everyone find their place in the wonderful world of photography.

For more information please connect with us through Panther Connect

HEARTS Shakespeare Society

Some people think that the plays of William Shakespeare are dull, confusing relics of the past. HEARTS Shakespeare Society hopes to bring the drama, romance, chaos, and laughter of Shakespeare’s plays to a modern audience. This club allows members to enjoy Shakespeare not as an assignment but as a work of entertainment. Join us for an hour of revels so fun it will make parting such sweet sorrow!

HEARTS Shakespeare Society is open to all. No prior reading is necessary; just bring yourself, a friend, and a love for literature as well as theatre.

For more information, visit us on Instagram at @fiu.shakespeare or email us at shakespeare.fiuhonors@gmail.com. You can also connect with us through our Panther Connect Page.

HEARTS Writing Club

Humans are mirrors, and we reflect what we see. The fictional worlds we grew up in and escaped inside now act as vessels, allowing us to better understand ourselves and our surroundings. HEARTS Writing Club challenges you to look inward, find yourself, and document the journey.

The purpose of HEARTS Writing Club is to get together with other students and have a place where we can share our creative sides. Each meeting will have different writing prompts that students can choose from and write in whatever style they are most comfortable in. It is a great way to flex the creative side of our brains and can act as a way to reflect and clear the mind.

For more information visit their Panther Connect Page.

HEARTS Activities


HEARTS@themovies offers a movie and a discussion.  Students are introduced to classic, contemporary, all genres, and all nationalities type of movies. The common denominator: they have to be really good!

For more information please contact hcengage@fiu.edu.