Rachelle Metcalfe 

PhD. Student & Graduate Teaching Assistant at FIU Prestigious Scholarships



Rachelle Metcalfe is a two-time alumna of FIU and is on her way to acquiring her third degree, her Ph.D. Rachelle graduated from FIU in 2008 with a Psychology degree and in 2012 with a Master of Science in Counselor Education majoring in clinical mental health counseling. For many years, Rachelle served at the FIU Honors College in a variety of roles, her last being the Assistant Director of Enrollment Services for the College. At that time, seeing the great need of our students, she established the Metcalfe Family First Generation Scholarship Endowment, providing scholarships to undergraduate Honors students. Since then, she went on to serve as Associate Director for University Admissions and most recently, stepping away from that role to fully pursue her doctoral degree, while still helping our students by serving as the Graduate Teaching Assistant of our FIU Prestigious Scholarships office.

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